Friends Only

I've decided that I post far too personal of things on here to leave it open to the public.

Think of it like a clubhouse, made of plastic, cardboard, and a random bicycle wheel in your backyard. Heeeeey. There is cursing, rambling, and sometimes sexy times, and always good times.

Comment to let me know you are not a robot, serial killer, and/or troll, and I will friend back. If you are a robot serial killer who looks like a troll, you are pretty much SCREWED. That's like a...Troll Terminator. No love.

Due to a recent personal problem, I'm not friending any journal that's not older than a month. I'll definitely let you guys know when this can be changed. :)

I got 99 problems but...

I actually confiscated the microphone from someone doing their turn at karaoke, and rapped that song to a packed bar a few weekends ago. The embarrassment took roughly nine hours to kick in.

I'm having severe writer problems! I've been working on this original story for awhile now, and I'm doing the (possibly) final rewrite and freaking out at the same time. I wrote Parade of the Sun in a month and a half. This is half the word count and has been in the works for two years. I'VE LOST ALL CONFIDENCE IN MYSELF.

I want to thank whoever nominated me at the hpfanficfanpoll (I've forgotten how to do a damn name tag) -- I'm honored that you consider The Fallout worthy of the category, so thank you very much!

How is everyone? Are you all preparing the pitchforks for Amazon? Did you try to watch the Teen Mom porn and have to X out due to second-hand embarrassment? Have you been eating your Nutella doses? It's been a long time, guys.

The Fallout

The last chapter of The Fallout has now been posted at H&V. It should be up on GE some time later today.

Six years and now it's finished. I was honestly not expecting that Submit button to cause so many emotions. XD I AM SAD/HAPPY. A DEVASTATED JOY.

THANK YOU ALL FOR READING! It's been a journey. ;)


Due to a death in the family, I will be gone for awhile. I apologize for any emails, messages, comments that go unanswered. For H&V inquiries or issues, please direct them to my co-admin, elyaeru. If you have sent anything in regards to H&V that has not been responded to, please forward them to her as well.


Update on the Non-Update

I want to thank whoever nominated me at the dhr_advent -- it's an honor, and I truly appreciate it! However, I had to decline in an attempt to be an adult with responsibilities. I weighed the guilt factor of either end, and while I still feel sorry for declining, I decided I really have to focus my time on my current stories. People have waited long enough for them. :/

Which brings me to this. I've been getting more emails, messages, and reviews about this than regular ones, so I thought I might put it here to save you guys some time: I do not know when The Fallout will be updated, but yes, it will be completed. I promise. Right now my life is a bit crazy and I haven't had the time and/or state of mind to write, and when I do, there's a story I have to finish first. I'll be surprised if I'm not able to update TF before the holidays, I'll say that (so no worries for those who have taken to writing me Dear Santa messages XD). As far as a date, Faithful Readers know that any date I could give is shit and not to be believed, and so I will not give one.

I will also say that when the next TF update comes, it means the story has been completed. So no more long waits for an update, and you'll get the last chapter within a month or two. It's the last stretch, guys. I'm sorry it has taken me so, soooo long, and thank you for staying with it.

I hope you've all been well!


(Pointless post is pointless, please skip unless bored)KNOW WHY?

I was following a secret mystery tunnel of YouTube videos (you know how that happens, you start watching a clip from a news show, then two hours later and you're watching a guy who thinks he's a cat fighting a statue while wearing purple body paint or something), and I see G Dragon smashing this guitar on the stage. He goes, pulls it out, plays it for twenty seconds, and then SMASHES it. Next video, different show, same thing. And again. And I realize this is a tour, where every show, he's smashing a guitar.

What is the purpose of this? It is not cool, it's wasteful. If you've got that much money to burn, donate it or the guitars to someone who needs it more than you do the five seconds of the screams getting louder.

AND THEN, after I thought this, I paused to stare at myself in horror, and realized, REALIZED...I am now OLD. I am now turning into the old person who yells about the music being too loud, ridiculous band names, and pop stars smashing guitars. WHAT IS THIS. I haven't even reached my quarter century mark! BUT, AHAHA, does anyone happen to know how to zoom in on a webpage? Because I pressed something awhile back, and my entry page went all tinytiiiny font, and I can't read it. WITH MY OLD, FADING EYESIGHT.

Also, OT: I will be catching up on comments at the friend post soon, I promise! Sorry for the wait. :/


...and I've missed so much that I feel like I just stepped into fandom for the first time. That sort of wide-eyed, confused stiffness, what is this place? Of course it's not that dramatic, it just feels like it.

I'm still piecing my RL together, so I'm not fully back yet, but there's about a hundred things to catch up on in fandom. Also, before the move, I was halfway finished with my Help_Japan story, only now to find it missing from my computer. Maybe it was so terrible that my computer just said, "Heeeell no," and delet I WILL JUST HAVE TO START AGAIN. The fact that I feel no true loss over it just goes to show that I would have only wasted more time to finish it, then hate it, and start over anyway. Over a million words written the past two years = Brain Fry. Lovely writers -- how do you get back into the writing game when you feel like you've burnt yourself out to ashes? Method of madness? I feel like I was burnt out after Parade, and then I kept going until my fingers stopped working.

I hope you've all been doing well! OH, and so much love to uniquepov and leopion for the chocolate heads! You are now forced to be my BFFs, 'cause that's what happens when you give me any form of chocolate. Even in pixels, bb!

Man down, man dooown

I've been pretty MIA lately, I know, but it's about to get worse. I'm going to be moving very soon, which equals crazy busy and without internet. SO, I will not be back around until the end of the month. I just wanted to let everyone know in case you thought I was ignoring you over the next few weeks or something. ;)

See you on the other side!


Whaaat, two posts in one day? I KNOW, sorry for spamming the Flist. HOW.EV.ER.

My gift was just posted at the dmhgficexchange, and omfj. I cannot say enough about it, and my words would just sully it, and where has this person been all my life?

Check out the art here. Prepare to be captured in the moment with them for at least five minutes.

I seriously love everything about it, especially the story and emotions within it. You can have a very skillful painting of fruit, but in the end, it's still fruit. This is like a double-wham of skill and talent that happily knocked me on my ass. :D:D:D GO SEE, GO SEE.
Merlin distraction

A lover can not you bring

Is anyone else getting hit by spambots like crazy? Thankfully mine have mostly been on my screened post. The gem in my subject is from a delightful sex ad I received.

I AM CAUGHT UP ON ALL THINGS. Sort of, kind of. I got very behind due to some obligations and RL very serious business. Am now desperately running to keep up with everything new coming at me, and to finish certain writing projects. If I have not responded to your email, PM, comment, etc, it's because it's been such a long period of time that I am overwhelmed with guilt. Or I never got it, which apparently has happened at least five times the past two months. So if you don't mind a very late response, do tell me!

For those interested, The Fallout has been updated. Also, I've had the honor of being nominated Hawthorn & Vine's Featured Member for April, and the Q&A is here.

I finished my dmhgficexchange submission, and ON TIME ON TIIIME! I have another week or two before I finish my last story for help_Haiti, which my amazing bid winner has been extremely patient with, since it's a year overdue. Do you see the reason for my capslock excitement over being on time for the dmhg? XD I also beat akashathekitty in word count, and by that I mean I had a lower word count. TAKE THAT. *champ dance*

help_japan has wrapped, and I'll have a new story to start writing soon for the winnawinna ;). I was going to list the bidders, but I'm not sure if they'll appreciate that, so I'll just thank you all. I'm happy to have offered something worthwhile, though I'm still very dazed over the bid amount. Madness, and pressure, pressure.

How are you guys doing? I MISSED YOU ALL.